Exotic Wedding Invitations

Exotic wedding invitations can mean different things to different people. If you’re interested in sending out invitations that are in this style, you first need to decide what you mean by exotic.

What Does Exotic Mean?

Some people wrongly connect exotic to sexy. Most likely because some people find exotic looking people sexy, but that doesn’t mean the terms are synonymous. Exotic really only refers to something that is different than what you’re used to. For example, an exotic butterfly would be a butterfly that isn’t normally seen in your area.

Exotic also wouldn’t be the right term to describe something like lingerie bridal shower invitations which are meant to be good-natured and a little naughty.

With exotic wedding invitations, you’re going to be creating something that’s non-traditional. You’re not going to be sending out the same traditional invitations most people do. Yours will be unique.

Creating an Exotic Look for Your Invitations

One way to make your invitations exotic is to use unusual types of paper. Thanks to Internet vendors, you can now buy a wide variety of rich and beautiful paper styles from Thailand, China, Japan, and more. The paper can be printed on just like any other good quality card-stock paper. You can find numerous styles and colors which will match nearly any wedding theme (although remember if you’re having a formal wedding you need to stick close to traditional invitations).

If you’re not interested in choosing an unusual type of paper, then you can also create an exotic looking invitation with the colors you use. Exotic is usually connected to very dark, rich colors, such as reds, browns, green, blues, and oranges. These are colors that make an immediate impact. Gold or silver are often used to accentuate the colors as well. Pick two colors that work well together, such as red and orange.

You can also create an exotic feel with your invitation’s design. If you don’t want pictures or images on your invitations, consider having designs added to your cards. Perhaps, you could have a message written in Japanese or Chinese writing on the invitation. You could also have Indian designs added at the corners or around the tops and bottoms of the invitation and stationery.

Other people might associate an exotic wedding invitation with something tropical, a vacation getaway. If you’re having a destination wedding or if you’re having a honeymoon in the islands, you could incorporate this type of theme into your wedding invitations with the images of palm trees, ocean waves, sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and more. You could even find a photograph you’ve taken from an exotic location and have it turned into part of your wedding invitation.

As with any type of wedding invitation, you want to make sure the exotic invitations you choose will match the other details of your wedding. For example, if nothing else in your wedding could be classified as exotic then you’d be better off choosing another style. However, if your wedding colors are rich, you are having a destination wedding, or you have an Asian theme for your ceremony, exotic wedding invitations may be a perfect choice for you.

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