Hawaii Wedding Theme

An island paradise might be your dream location for your wedding, but if you can’t make that a reality or if you don’t want to leave your guests behind on the mainland, then why not create a wedding with a Hawaiian theme? From traditional attire to traditional food, you can have a Hawaiian wedding without straying too far from your home.


The floral lei is definitely a symbol of Hawaii to most of us but in that culture the lei is a symbol of love. That’s why in some of their wedding ceremonies couples exchange leis instead of or in addition to rings. Usually at the start of the ceremony, the parents of the couple come to the front and adorn their children with floral leis. Before the ring exchange, the couple then exchanges their leis as a sign of their exchanging of love for one another.

Other traditions can also be altered slightly to incorporate a Hawaiian theme. For example, orchid petals can be tossed at the couple instead of rice or bird seed and an ankle lei can be tossed instead of a garter.


One Hawaiian wedding ritual is for the couple to exchange their vows inside a circle of flowers. Before the wedding, a circle made of orchid petals is created around the specific spot where the couple will be standing. Once the vows are exchanged, the couple can step out of the circle and be pronounced a married couple.

Another nice touch is a unity ritual. While this ritual is usually done with candles, you may instead want to use sand. Both the bride and groom have their own containers of sand (the sand can be colored if you desire) and then they pore their sand into another container so that it is blended just like their lives.


A Hawaiian wedding theme should be casual. You want to feel as if you’re on a tropical beach enjoying a gorgeous view of the sky and the ocean. It’s definitely not the time for feeling trapped by tradition or by formality. Instead, creating a relaxing atmosphere, perhaps outdoors or even on the beach.


For your Hawaiian theme, you’ll probably need plenty of fruit and flowers. Pineapples and coconuts can be used as decorative centerpieces on the tables while orchids petals are sprinkled all over the other tables. If possible, you might want to bring in some potted palm trees to sit around the reception area.


For your reception, why not have a luau. Traditional luau foods include roasted pig, fresh pineapple, poi, fresh fish, and other delicacies. You may be able to find a caterer who specializes in Hawaiian foods or you can find recipes online for tasty, authentic Hawaiian menu items. Because the wedding is casual, you should have a buffet instead of a sit-down meal.


While you can choose to wear traditional Hawaiian apparel, such as sarongs, Hawaiian shirts, and more, you can also opt to wear traditional clothing accented by plenty of orchids and other flowers. Make sure the color of your bridesmaid dresses goes well with the theme ‘ a soft blue reminiscent of the sky or ocean is a good choice.

Favor Ideas

The perfect wedding favor for your guests would be floral leis, miniature pineapples, or coconut-scented candles.

Invitation Ideas

Choose a wide variety of beach or tropical wedding invitations to match with your Hawaii destination wedding.

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