Blush Roses Wedding Stationery

blush rose inviteThe antique blush rose is as timeless as it is elegant. There are many different types of blush roses to choose from around the globe. Nevertheless, out of all the blush roses in the world, the China rose is the most coveted.

By Any Other Name

The China blush rose has been given numerous names over the centuries. Often referred to as the “Common Monthly,” “Common Blush China,” “Old Pink Daily,” “Old Pink Monthly,” and “Parsons’ Pink China,” this is one rose that just seems to evoke joy no matter where it goes.

Perhaps the main reason for this joy is that this rose also happens to be coveted around the world. Easily cultivated, these roses come in medium, semi-double, and lilac pink shades. Curiously, the more sunlight a blush rose receives, the darker the petals will flush.

If you are considering the China blush rose for your wedding day bouquet, you may be interested to know that this type of rose does not make an ideal cut flower. The blush rose blooms rather quickly, which means that its petals will drop rapidly.

For those brides-to-be that have their hearts set upon the blush rose, the best way to incorporate these roses into your bouquet is to have them fresh cut. If these roses are cut on the day of your wedding, they can be made into a rather appealing bouquet.

Pure Innocence

The slight red color of a blush rose seems to creep up slowly making its way to the very tips of those delicate petals. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the meaning behind this romantic flower equates purity, love, magic, and carefree romance.

Left alone, a collection of blush roses gives off the faintest sweet scent. However, if the blush rose is surrounded by too many other flowers at once, its scent is often overpowered. Those planning a wedding should also consider the blush rose for their reception.

Fresh cut blush rose buds make an enchanting centerpiece when placed inside of an elegant vase. Additionally, the petals from these roses are ideal for lining the aisle on your way to the altar. Should you decide to use blush roses as part of your wedding theme, make sure to incorporate this mystical beauty into your wedding stationery as well.

Subtle Sophistication

Choosing a blush rose motif for your stationery is a great way to tell your guests about your big day. While it’s a good idea to inform your guests of your wedding ambiance, choosing the right stationery can speak volumes without a lot of complex words.

Some of the best invitations say very little, but they express more than words can say in the form of design and structure. As you begin to look for the right stationery, try and think of how your guests will react to each unique design.

A stylish invitation laced with borders, scrolls, and the graceful blush rose will convey a formal affair to your guests. Then again, a blush rose set upon a modern background can just as easily convey a relaxed atmosphere. Either way, a blush rose stationery design is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage with simple sophistication.

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