Pink Roses Wedding Stationery

wedding stationary pink rosesAs the symbol of immense romance, the rose has been the muse of musicians, poets, and artists alike. Roses are the classic way of showing the world that you are in love. While the red rose may appear to be the most popular, the pink rose has actually been coveted for centuries.

Pink Roses Still Smell As Sweet

When roses were originally cultivated many decades ago, the first varieties bloomed in brilliant shades of pink. These early roses ranged from pale petal pink to deep dark pink, and they were instantly adored by all that saw them. Even before roses were grown within a controlled setting, wild roses frequently shined with a shade of natural pink.

As time cultivated onwards, the color pink began to take on various meanings. Originally, pink meant virtue and peace, much like the color white does today. However, pink eventually morphed into a different symbolism that represented love, respect, honor, and contentment. Today, all of these characteristics are true of the pink rose, hough each shade of pink can relay a unique modern message.

Dark pink roses symbolize passion and commitment. Contrastingly, light pink roses are often a symbol of friendship, though they can also be a great way to express a natural springtime wedding. Roses that fall in between dark and light are ideal choices for any bride that simply loves the color pink and its feminine beauty.

While it certainly seems as though Mother Nature dipped her paint brush in pink when she first created the rose, there are thousands of different shades to be found today. Still, the Pink rose reigns supreme with its proud head and delicate petals.

Pink Makes an Appearance at Your Wedding

If you are considering pink roses for your romantic wedding day, think of all the different sizes, shades, and types of roses that are available to your heart’s delight. Pink baby roses look especially fantastic when they are tucked in a bride’s hair or placed in a ring on top of a flower girl’s head.

Larger pink roses can easily create a fresh bridal bouquet, and you can create a Victorian romance by adding silvery pale green accents, such as lamb’s ear and dusty miller. Also, you might want to consider giving each one of your bridesmaid’s a bouquet of baby pink roses to carry, while you carry a bouquet of larger pink roses.

There are so many different bridal options when it comes to the versatile pink rose. You can make your wedding truly special by thinking of special meanings behind each shade of pink as you choose your colors. However, given the universal appeal of pink roses, you do not have to worry about the particular details. For example, if you love the way a light pink rose looks when contrasted with dark chocolate brown, then that particular pink will be perfect for your special wedding.

Color Coordinated Pink Roses Wedding Stationery

Choosing your wedding day stationery is one of the first exciting things that you will do as an engaged couple. Even though pink roses may seem overly feminine, when this color is matched with a darker and masculine hue, the result can be quite stunning. For example, pink roses look marvelous against gray, dark green, navy blue, and chocolate brown. You can carry this color theme throughout your wedding invitations into your ceremony and reception beautifully.

How important is your wedding day stationery? For most couples, you will be matching the entire theme of your wedding to the colors and ambiance of your stationery. In short, your wedding invitations set the tone for your special day, and thus, by opting for pink roses wedding stationery, you can create an ambiance of romance, joy, and contentment – along with the appeal of modern love.

Spending a few days comparing colors, thinking of themes, and contemplating the meanings of different flowers is the best way to pick the right stationery. The most important element is to select stationery that reflects who you are as a couple, and pink roses can be a beautiful symbol of your eternal love.

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