Red Roses Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery with Red RosesThere’s no mistaking the romance stemming from the deep blush of a red rose. These flowers have been the ultimate symbol of love for centuries. Akin to brides of yore, modern brides still flock to the red rose in order to show the world that they have found true happiness.

A Rosy Secret

Red roses are reminiscent of all notions romantic and dreamy. Love, passion, lust, desire, and whimsy are all part of the language that this flower speaks. Packed into a wedding bouquet, red roses are a flash of pure adoration against a pale white dress. Still, they can be equally intriguing when intertwined with other colors.Red roses mixed with white roses hold a secret that most brides-to-be may not know. When red and white intermingle, they create unity. Thus, the bride that carries a red and white bouquet is telling her guests that she is an equal with her chosen beau.When red is mixed with yellow, the two colors represent happy hearts that are filled with expectation. Choosing a red and yellow color scheme is sure to fill any wedding day with pure bliss.A rose of any other color creates a fantastic image when it is mixed with a pure red rose. While colors are certainly interesting, red roses have a number of meanings on their own as well. Knowing a bit about each type of red rose will help you to decide upon the right flowers for your wedding day.

Size and Shape

Small rosebuds symbolize innocence and innocent love. Red rosebuds are meant for those that are young and youthful. White rosebuds can be beautiful when mixed with red, but white often means puppy dog love.Single roses represent the purest type of love that there is by stating a simple “I love you.” If you are looking for an old-fashioned rose, the tea rose is a statement of ever-lasting love. If you are recently engaged, two roses wrapped together reflect a recent engagement.As you can see, the type of rose that you choose will really impact your wedding day plans. While many people think that all red roses simply represent love, this isn’t entirely true. Keep in mind the shape, style, and size of the roses you select while planning your wedding day.

Your First Red Rose

The first red rose that you select won’t be for your reception, cake, or bouquet. This rose will beautify your wedding stationery. If you have your heart set upon a particular type and style of rose, make sure that your stationery matches this desire.As you go through the many different details of wedding stationery, remember the symbolism and beauty that make the red rose so popular. Tying your wedding together with meaning and color begins by selecting the right rose stationery for your big day.There are thousands of different flowers in the world to choose from, but there is only one rose. Floral trends will come and go, though the rose always seems to stay. Strewn with love, hope, and promise, you just can’t go wrong with a traditional red rose.

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