Destination Wedding To Tel Aviv

Faith is an important part of life. Couples of the Jewish faith may decide to make the bustling city of Tel Aviv their wedding day destination. Filled with history and life, this cosmopolitan playground is perfect for celebrating your marriage with style and tradition.

Types of Jewish Weddings

From traditional weddings to modern weddings, Tel Aviv is bursting with lots of great wedding day sites. While some couples might prefer a ritualistic wedding filled with customary celebrations and items, others may find that hidden locations suit their needs best.

Lately, there has been a large influx of couples wishing to wed in Tel Aviv. Due to this reason, more and more possible wedding sites have begun to surface. Some couples find solace on their wedding day by saying their vows inside of a candlelit cave. Others may find that a rooftop high above the city itself is a great way to celebrate life together.

You will find that there are many different venues to choose from inside of Tel Aviv. You will also discover that most of these venues provide all of the wedding day details that you will need. Surprisingly, most Jewish couples flock to Tel Aviv in order to marry in a land that offers freedom within tradition.

Tel Aviv – A Modern City

While it is still possible to hold a traditional wedding within Tel Aviv, many North American couples are not looking for a conventional wedding. Instead, these couples are finding that wedding venues in Tel Aviv are bursting with lots of modern wedding ideas and concepts.

Interestingly, even though most wedding venues in this great city are on the contemporary side, a bit of tradition is always thrown into every wedding. In short, Tel Aviv makes a great wedding city for those that want to stick to their roots…just not too closely.

Thus, it only seems fitting that the best way to announce a Tel Aviv destination wedding to the world is with wedding invitations that express both modernity and tradition. While plain white invitations are certainly reflective of ritual, they do not incorporate that special Tel Aviv style.

Traditional Style

Adding a splash or orange color to your wedding invitations will send a direct message to your guests. Rather than the usual white invitations, announcements that are studded with blue and orange really shine. For the couple that does not want to lose track of custom, a Star of David also shines bright.

When the entire theme is put together – blue, white, orange, and that proud Star of David – the result is a perfect invitation for your Tel Aviv wedding. Set the mood of your destination wedding early with the right kind of invitations.

Your Tel Aviv wedding will be an event that you’ll remember forever. As a couple that has chosen this city as their wedding day destination, you will find that a vast world of wedding day possibilities awaits you. Start off your celebration right with invitations that reflect your modern personality and ritual heritage.

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