Destination Wedding To Morocco

Morocco is a land bursting with Kasbahs, Roman ruins, historic cities, and important monuments. Aside from simple practical details that can be planned in advance, this wedding destination couldn’t be more perfect. Any couple that decides to get married in Morocco is truly on course for a distant world adventure.

A World Away

It’s interesting to note that although Morocco is not that far from Europe, it is a world away. Many North American couples have begun to seek exotic Morocco as a destination wedding spot. Known for its many colors, passionate people, and rich history, it’s no wonder that Morocco has become highly sought after within the wedding world.

If you truly want to escape every bit of the world that you know, there are two spots in particular that will help you forget all about your regular life. Marrakech and Fez are both a mishmash of French and Arabic culture, language, and style (bring your guidebook!). In either spot, you’ll discover daily life as you’ve never known it.

In every manner, Morocco is the ideal place for any couple wishing to start their journey together on equal ground. Your Moroccan destination wedding will be strewn with lots of adventure and excitement that you will discover together as a couple. There are just a few things to think about before you book your plane tickets…

Moroccan Wedding Details

Before you book your wedding venue, there are several elements that you should know about Morocco. Couples wishing to wed in Morocco will have to seek the proper legal papers. This process begins with an affidavit signed by both partners, and then translated into Arabic.

If all of this sounds confusing, don’t worry. The hotel that you choose should be able to arrange all of these details for you. In fact, the wedding venue that you choose will also help you to gather all of the necessary documents well before your wedding day.

Once those details are out of the way, you can start planning your wedding – it will help to hire a Moroccan-based wedding coordinator. Of course, the first step towards planning any wedding is to send out your invitations. What kinds of wedding invitations are right for a Moroccan wedding?

Exotic Moroccan Wedding Invitation Choices

You will find that there are literally thousands of possible wedding invitations to choose from. However, since your wedding will be different from all the rest, it makes sense to select unique wedding invitations. So, why not choose Moroccan inspired wedding invitations?

Elegant invitations that are decorated with simple Moroccan designs are perfect for any Moroccan destination wedding. Ancient scroll-work decorating a sophisticated clean edge defines that mysterious Moroccan style.

From the moment that your guests open up that wedding invitation, they will know that you plan on making your wedding truly exceptional. Selecting the right wedding invitation is important. The invitation that you choose will be the start of all your wedding celebrations.

Keep in mind that your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life – make sure that your invitations reflect your Moroccan intentions.

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