Pink Peonies Wedding Stationery

Pink PeoniesSymbolism plays an important role in every wedding, and there is always a fine line between understated elegance and overboard usage. If you want to evoke a feeling of outhfulness and beauty, pink peonies are a great choice – just be careful not to offend your guests.

Pink Peony Invitation Don’ts

Within Chinese culture, it is unacceptable to send a pink peony to a woman that is married. Only single women can accept a pink peony, thus it might be slightly shocking for some guests if you choose an invite that includes a pink peony design.

If you want to ward off any bad design choices, consider the following invitations “don’ts:”

  • Guest List: Consider the people on your guest list. Will your invitations that display pink peonies insult them? If you have many guests that are from Asian descent, or specifically of Chinese heritage, you may want to reconsider a pink peony design. Your guests might not be traditional, but this is a decision that you’ll want to think about carefully.
  • Importance of Tradition: How important are pink peonies to you? If you cannot live without them, you may have to explain this desire to your guests. Remember – your wedding day is about you, but you should also respect tradition.

Invitation Do’s

Of course, there are several “do’s” associated with the beautiful pink peony flower. There are some things that you should always do when purchasing your wedding invitations. Here are some things that shouldn’t be skipped:

  • Understand the Symbolism: The peony is prized for its showy petals, and in both Chinese and other cultures, the flower represents distinction, prosperity, peace, and happiness. This beautiful symbolism is why Chinese peony paintings are displayed both at home and in the office for the luck it brings. Of course, from a wedding’s perspective, the flower represents affection and love, often compared to the epitome of feminine beauty. By incorporating peonies into your wedding, you enjoy the symbolism of beauty, love, and prosperity.
  • Incorporate the Theme: Do tie your wedding day theme in with the design on your invitations. If you choose peonies, make sure to include some real ones in your bouquet, on tables, and throughout all wedding celebrations. This will further extend the prosperous and beautiful symbolism of the peony flower.
  • Choose Matching Stationery: Do select an entire kit of wedding day stationery, allowing you to repeat your beautiful peony theme through invitations for the bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and any other event.
  • Show Your Personality: Do choose wedding invitations that show off your personality. For example, if you are a modern couple, yet still abide by traditional values, you could pick pink peonies invitations that marry together modern style with classic appeal. Also, take the time to explain to traditional Asian guests the concept of complimentary opposites – you and your partner are soon to be one, which is also a symbol evoked by the pink peony.
  • Exude Sophistication: Do choose an invitation that includes a simple peony design, elegant wording, and a crisp background.

Perfect Pink Peonies

If you have your heart set on pink peonies, nothing should stop you from choosing this design. Just make sure to explain your choice to your traditional guests. From your bridal shower to the big day, your peony invitations should be classy, understated, and understood by all that will attend your wedding.

If you have an extensive Chinese or Asian guest list, you will probably have to speak with friends and family members about your peony choice. Keep in mind that the invitations you choose will set the entire mood of your big occasion. Ask yourself whether or not your guests will be offended by your flower choice…and whether or not this type of offense is worth it. Nonetheless, your wedding day should be a reflection of your own wishes.

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