Destination Wedding To France

Felicitations! You have chosen to have your destination wedding in France. Land of wine, gastronomy, and fine art, France is a country for lovers. Your French affair begins by selecting the perfect location for your destination wedding.

C’est La Vie

If there’s one thing that the French know how to do best, it’s creating a scene. With so many perfect spots to select from in France, narrowing down your selection might prove to be a difficult task. Let’s begin with the most popular French destination wedding spot: Paris.

Parisians have a love affair with beautiful things and breathtaking details. This is precisely why you’ll find lots of memorable spots within this bustling city. Consider the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, the gardens that surround Napoleon’s tomb, or the Luxembourg Gardens.

If you want something a bit more relaxed, Alsace is a wonderful mix of German and French delights. Sleepy little towns nestled beneath lots of vineyards makes Alsace perfectly sublime. Or, if you prefer the seaside, the chic towns that dot France’s south side are unique and sophisticated – look into Cannes, the Riviera, and Nice. Also, you might want to consider the island of Corsica if you want something truly exotic.

Parlez-Vous Français?

If you don’t speak French, you might want to consider picking up a great French tour book, or hiring a French wedding coordinator. While a lot of wedding venues inside of France will cater to your ever need, things will be a lots easier to arrange if you learn the “language of love.”

As soon as you pinpoint your ideal French spot, you’ll want to start booking your space, finding a coordinator, and arranging all of those little details. Don’t forget to call a few different hotels in order to provide your guests with some selection and choice concerning budget (you can also ask to reserve a few rooms for guests).

Once these details are out of the way, you will have to start sending out save-the-date cards and wedding invitations. What better way to celebrate your French wedding than with French inspired invitations? Mark your French destination wedding properly with cards that really celebrate all things French.

Les Invitations

Most people think of the Eiffel Tower and Paris when they think of France. Thus, it is only fitting that your wedding invitations should include an image of that famous landmark. In addition, your invites should also celebrate the finer side of French life including: wine, grapes, and food.

Your guests will squeal with delight the moment that open up your French themed invite. Any invitation that showcases famous French items will tell your guests right away that you intend to celebrate with a bit of French flair.

Make your wedding a day to really remember by starting the magical memories with some great wedding invitations. Whether you choose Paris or Cannes, your wedding will forever be linked with France’s famous lifestyle. Don’t forget to send your save-the-dates well in advance to ensure that all of your guests will be able to join you in France – bon voyage!

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