Scented Geranium Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Geranium InvitesHow important is your wedding rehearsal dinner? Not only is this night meant for practice, but it can also be a night filled with many “firsts.” Start this memorable event off right with scented geranium invitations that literally linger.

Bringing People Together

Your rehearsal dinner is often the last big event before your wedding day. Aside from the fact that this night will be filled with lots of toasts, great food, and love, you will probably be introducing quite a number of people to one another.

Family members that have traveled to your wedding from afar will generally be invited to the rehearsal dinner. Likewise, friends that you have not seen in awhile will also take part in this evening of joy. This means that you and your partner will be watching friends and family meet for the first time.

Beginning this event with the right kind of invitation is important. Why? Not only do you want to mark the occasion with emphasis, but you will also want to set the mood. An invitation marked with a geranium sets a beautiful tone for the rehearsal dinner.

Genial Geraniums

Did you know that a geranium symbolizes unity and friendship? These flowers also represent a meeting place and truth – in short, they are perfect for any rehearsal dinner. Since you will be bringing people together for the first time in the form of a meeting, geraniums are ideal.

Due to their lovely craning necks, the name “geranium” is taken from the Greek word “geranos,” which means “crane.” As you can see, these flowers are not only delicate, but they are also incredibly graceful. Celebrating the lucky couple with a magnificent flower such as the geranium is a great way to show your appreciation for their love and unity.

Not only are they representative of all the things that a rehearsal dinner should include, these flowers also give off a heavenly scent. Since they were first discovered, geraniums have been highly sought after for their delicate fragrance.

Arousing Aroma

Many great queens and ancient beauties have worn perfume made from geraniums. These blooms give off a scent that is slightly sweet, yet also incredibly deep. Thus, it is no surprise that some of the most expensive bottles of perfume in the world are based upon the deep notes of the geranium flower.

Imagine passing on that wonderful scent to your rehearsal dinner guests. As your guests open up your envelope to reveal an elegant geranium print, they will also receive the gift of this flower’s magical scent. Your invitation will fill homes with a perfume that creates beauty even after the rehearsal dinner arrives.

Even after your wedding day is long gone, those invitations that you sent to your cherished guests will linger on. Year after year, the smell of the geranium flower will remind all of your loved ones about your wedding day. While your wedding day may come and go, the invitations that you send out will be with you (and your guests) forever.

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