Destination Wedding To Egypt

Egypt was once home to some of the greatest rulers that the world ever knew. Today, ancient pyramids and monuments remind us of the world’s very beginnings. Planning an Egyptian destination wedding is akin to returning to bare roots as a couple, and emerging from those roots as a newly formed married unit.

Brimming With Life

There are so many glorious things about Egypt that it’s difficult to name them all. This land is home to the Red Sea, the Valley of Kings, The Sphinx, the Nile, the Western Desert, the Luxor, and many other world renowned landmarks. Not only is this portion of the earth full of human history, it is also the birthplace of wedding history.

Did you know that Egypt was the first country to make marriage a civil and religious act? It’s no wonder that Egypt offers destination couples many great wedding day options and ideas. Couples seeking a traditional wedding can look for a camel trek complete with a Bedouin tent, music, and dancing in the middle of the desert.

Those looking for something a bit different will find wedding sailboats willing to cruise down the Nile. Or, you may be tempted by the thought of saying your “I Dos” under water while snorkeling in the Red Sea. Then again, it’s hard to resist the lure of those Great Pyramids. Whether you choose the bustling city of Cairo or the empty desert lands, Egypt has everything that you are looking for.

Destination Planning

All destination weddings take a bit of planning. When you find the ideal spot for your vows, take the time to contact a wedding planner inside of Egypt. This planner will be able to help you with certain legal issues, as well as various wedding day details.

Plan your wedding day in Egypt as you would a wedding day in your own town. Choose colors, fabrics, details, and items that you want to include. Also, make sure to take some time to think about ceremony details, rituals, and certain celebrations that may be important to you and your family.

Another important planning detail is to make sure and notify your guests of your Egyptian intentions in advance. Guests will need plenty of time to make travel arrangements. For destination weddings, save-the-date cards are a must and should be sent at least six months in advance.

Interesting Egyptian Invitations

Tie your entire wedding theme together by sending out Egyptian inspired invitations. Invitations that showcase classic Egyptian details such as the papyrus, bright watercolors, and lots of colorful patterns will help to harmonize your wedding day look.

If you carry those same colors into the details of your wedding reception, the entire event will have an expertly crafted appeal. For example, you may take a bit of inspiration from the various shades that decorate each invitation by selecting flowers, centerpieces, and items that are derived from the same color. This way, your wedding invitations will match your reception details perfectly.

As you plan your Egyptian wedding, allow your mind to wander and imagine. As with all other things that have marked Egypt’s great history, your perfectly coordinated wedding will become an event to remember for all time.

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