Green Wedding Invitations for Green Wedding

Green WeddingIs “going green” your personal mantra? Do you go out of your way to take care of the environment? If so, an environmental wedding featuring many green hues may be the perfect theme for your big day. Coming up with unique concepts for a green wedding is both fun and great for the planet, so get ready to channel your inner Mother Nature!

An Earth Friendly Wedding Day

Now that you’ve decided to have a green wedding, where do you begin? Keeping the themes of recycling, bio-degrading, and repurposing in mind is an excellent strategy in creating an eco-friendly wedding.

Start with the basic elements, such as flowers, a dress, and a superb location. Local wildflowers make a perfectly nature-friendly bouquet, as no carbon emissions or fertilizers were exhausted to create your bouquet. If you’re planning a winter wedding, choose a florist or greenhouse that grows flowers in your area that will delight your senses. Wedding gowns that are made from eco-friendly materials, such as hemp or organic silk, are a great idea, or you can select a vintage wedding gown.

When it comes to finding the perfect location, nothing is more earth friendly than an outdoor setting. If you are faced with lots of winter snow and cold, consider an indoor conservatory or museum. Also, you might want to look for a caterer that will serve organic foods – they are easier to find than you may think!

Cool Conscious Colors

All weddings enjoy a color scheme, and an earth friendly wedding is no exception to this rule. Choose a dominant green color (take the time to look at all the shades of green out there), and then add to this color by selecting other natural shades.

Rich earth tones look great when they are matched with a light green color. Likewise, deep greens are refreshingly cool when they are placed next to ocean inspired blues. Of course, the colors that you choose will also be greatly impacted by your wedding season.

If you plan to get married during the spring months, those earth tones will be in perfect harmony with the world around you. Those that prefer a summer wedding will find that blues and greens bring about a feeling of calm and tranquility that is ideal for those hot summer days.

Winter weddings can still showcase lots of green, though these wedding colors might be best matched with icy whites and cool aqua colors. The idea behind a green color scheme is to work with the seasons as much as you possibly can.

Simple Stationery

Carry your chosen color motif into your wedding stationery. Since the focus of your wedding will be all things green, green stationery is a great idea. Right from the start, your guests will know that you intend to host an eco-friendly wedding when you send out green invitations.

Make sure to include small green RSVP cards with those invites, and consider carrying out your color theme onto your wedding day place cards as well. A simple invitation with a green border is just enough to pronounce your dedication to the environment, while still keeping your wedding stationery classic and traditional.

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