Destination Wedding To Barcelona

The entire country of Spain pulsates to the sounds and beats of Barcelona. This vibrant city is filled with love, life, and hope. Saying your vows a world away from reality is the best possible place to be, so why not choose a destination wedding? Those planning a destination wedding to Barcelona are more than lucky…they are blessed.

Barcelona’s Offerings

Barcelona is a city filled with rich history and promise. Romanesque, Gothic, and Modernist buildings splatter the landscape with style and elegance, while sleepy little streets speak to the romantic at heart. Whether you are planning a small wedding or a lavish one, this Spanish jewel is the perfect spot.

Speaking of spots, Barcelona can offer a happily engaged couple numerous wedding venues. Imagine saying your vows underneath an ancient rchway, or whispering your sweet “I Dos” beneath a sun drenched sky. All dreams and possibilities will easily come alive the moment that you touch Spain’s warm ground.

Luckily, Barcelona is as accessible as it is beautiful. With three major airports right near the city center, your guests won’t have any trouble at all exploring this epic city. From fabulous foods to unbeatable wines, Barcelona makes the perfect wedding spot.

Before You Leave

Prior to stepping onto that airplane, you will need to think of a few key items. Make sure that you contact some type of wedding coordinator in Barcelona (you never know when you’ll need a professional), check up on marriage license information, and be sure to arrange all wedding day décor in advance.

It’s easy to get carried away with the thought of a destination wedding (and why shouldn’t you?), just make sure that all of those smaller details are intact before you leave. Of course, before you begin to drift away to Spain, you will need to send your guests a notice or two.

As with any other kind of destination wedding, your guests will need to know about your plans at least six months in advance. While this may seem like a long time, most people require a few months in order to make travel arrangements. What’s the best way to notify your guests? Save-the-date cards work rather well…

Playing With Your Theme

All of your destination wedding stationery should uphold your Spanish theme. Just as it wouldn’t make any sense to send out winter wedding invitations to a summer wedding, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to send out regular invitations to a destination wedding.

Beginning with your save-the-dates, select wedding stationery that exhibits some Spanish flair. Barcelona invitations featuring beautiful Spanish scrollwork is a great way to inform your guests of your international intentions.

Additionally, exciting stationery is also a great way to create a spark inside of some guests that might not normally attend – after all, who can resist a Spanish holiday? Begin playing with your wedding theme early by selecting appropriate wedding stationery that fits your exotic theme…the rest of your big day will soon fall into place.

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