Destination Wedding To Asia

Asia is a vast continent that has thrilled both explorers and travelers for many centuries. There are many reasons why Asian destination weddings are so popular. Much of the appeal stems from the numerous ideal wedding locations that exist within this continent.

Asian Offerings

If you have chosen Asia for your destination wedding, you may know a thing or two about the kind of location you are seeking. However, before making any kind of location decision, consider the following top-notch wedding spots.

Malaysia: This unusual spot is bursting with lots of great vegetation and the world renowned sun bear. Spend some time researching possible venues in Malaysia that will really blow you (and your guests) away.

Sri Lanka: Here, you’ll find lots of butterflies, plenty of colorful birds, and a few purple-faced leaf monkeys. If you are seeking an exotic wedding, Sri Lanka should be the first place that you look.

Indonesia: This land is masked with mystery and mystique. You’ll find lots of beautiful colors, crystalline waters, and plenty of unique aquatic life. Home to the Irrawaddy freshwater dolphin, Indonesia aims to please.

Thar Desert: While this is not a usual wedding spot, there are some unique wedding locations hidden within this desert. Camels will dot your wedding day scenery, should you choose this peaceful location.

As you can tell, there are many different appealing options to choose from. The best way to find your memorable wedding day spot is to research each part of this great continent. With thousands of different animals and plants calling Asia home, finding that fantasy setting won’t be a difficult task.

Setting up Your Destination Spot

Once you have found the right wedding location, you’ll need to start planning your big day. All weddings begin with the same basic fundamentals (colors, theme, details), though these things can be tricky when it comes to a destination wedding.

The best course of action in this case is to search for a wedding venue that includes a coordinator. Wedding coordinators can make sure that all legalities are in order, along with any small details that you want your wedding to include.

You will find lots of possible venues on the internet and (possibly) through friends that have been to Asia before. Take the time to find a special place that includes a great wedding planner – setting up your destination wedding will be a lot easier with the help of a professional.

Asian Wedding Invitations

There are a few wedding details that you can easily take care of from home, including your wedding invitations. Since you are planning a wedding that is a bit out of the ordinary, sending out invites that play upon this theme is a good idea.

Asian inspired invitations that include traditional flowers, birds, and colors will excite your guests. Additionally, these invites will be great keepsakes for your wedding day scrapbook. Asia is filled with many new adventures and opportunities that await you and your guests.

As with the continent of Asia itself, marriage is all about exploration. Begin your great Asian adventure with wedding invitations that express your deepest wedding day desires.

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