Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding Invitations Trends vs. Traditional Wedding Invitation Styles for 2011 and Beyond

Choosing your wedding invitations is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the planning process.  A wedding invitation is so much more than just the who, where and when.  It is the style-setter for the entire event.

When you begin looking at the vast array of wedding invitation styles, it will be helpful to know already whether you prefer a modern or traditional wedding invitation style.

Modern Wedding Invitations vs. Traditional Wedding Invitations

In today’s wedding climate, modern wedding invitation trends have practically eclipsed traditional wedding invitations, mostly because modern wedding invitations have as endless design options, while traditional wedding invitations tend to share many design factors. Modern wedding invitations are more easily recognizable once you understand what makes a wedding invitation traditional.

Traditional wedding invitations are either white or ecru and will stretch the shape to be a square or a rectangle, but nothing more. Today, traditional wedding invitations represent a bygone era where elegance and restraint were coupled to produce lovely wedding invitations that still stand the test of time by being available today. You can embellish a traditional wedding invitation with a delicate satin ribbon tied in a bow and attached at the top. Traditional wedding invitations might also feature an embossed monogram or other subtle, traditional decorations such as scrolling designs.

Modern wedding invitations are everything traditional wedding invitations aren’t: colorful, pattern-rich, creative and stylish. Modern wedding invitations can be playful and casual, seriously semi-formal, or stylishly sophisticated and formal. The versatility of a modern wedding invitation is endless, while traditional wedding invitations are best suited for semi-formal or formal ceremonies.

Which Wedding Invitation Style is More Budget-Friendly?

Budget-Friendly Wedding InvitationsAlthough it’s possible to choose expensive custom wedding invitations that are modern or traditional, in general, traditional wedding invitations often cost more due to traditional printing methods associated with this type of wedding invitation.

Thermography printing, for example, is very popular among traditional wedding invitation printers for its timeless elegance and exquisite finish. Thermography printing (also known as the “poor man’s engraving”) gives the final impression of an engraved invitation without the extreme cost of engraving the wording. Thermography uses heat and a special powder added to the ink to give the final wedding invitation wording a raised look.

Modern wedding invitations, particularly available through online merchants, often use the relatively recent 2D digital printing technology to create rich colors and designs without the burden of high cost wedding invitations. This is especially popular with today’s wedding set because it gives a variety of high-style choices on a lower budget, allowing couples to allocate more of their wedding budget to other areas.

Modern Wedding Invitation Trends for 2011: Color and Pattern

Aqua Emily Wedding InvitationsIf you find traditional wedding invitation styles too plain and not a true reflection of your personality and style, modern wedding invitation trends for 2011 should have you sitting up to take notice. The beauty of opting for a modern wedding invitation is that you can choose a fun, retro style for a casual wedding, choose vintage elegance for a semi-formal wedding, or choose a simplistic modern color scheme that can be customized to match the tone of a casual or formal wedding.

Retro and vintage patterns are still raging in popularity as designers get more bold and creative with this ongoing modern wedding invitation trend. Vintage patterns like damask, brocade, paisley, fleur de lis are all getting remakes, with modern color palettes and applications to make your modern wedding invitations sizzle.

For example, you might choose a modern wedding invitation with a vintage damask pattern, but with the modern colors and turquoise and navy blue. A more retro style might include bright colors and a cheerful floral pattern reminiscent of the 1960s as a fun accent for a casual wedding.

If you want a sleek, modern wedding invitation, consider incorporating a single stripe on a bi-fold wedding invitation using a modern color scheme. You could choose a simple pinstripe or a wider stripe to grace the cover. Your color palette could be steel gray with a coral, orange, raspberry or azure stripe running horizontally across the cover. Depending on how formal or casual your wedding will be, choose a pair of fonts that will set the tone, instead of relying on the invitation itself.
Modern Wedding Invitation Trends for 2011: Shape and Embellishments

Fuchsia Band Wedding Invitation KitsAnother way modern wedding invitations stand apart from their traditional counterparts is through the creative use of shape and embellishments that just aren’t acceptable on a traditional wedding invitation style. A modern wedding invitation can be shaped like a circle, a flower, a heart or any shape you desire, as long as you have a willing stationer or are feeling crafty with a die-punch for DIY modern wedding invitations.

Another way to incorporate shape into modern wedding invitations is by using die-cuts to reveal a design or embellishment of the wedding invitation. This style works best with a bi-fold, tri-fold or z-fold (which are all popular trends for 2011) wedding invitation rather than a single pane.

A tri-fold modern wedding invitation, for example, might feature a central die-cut shape, where the two halves meet in the middle and reveal a modern monogram, a symbol, embellishment or a pattern. For example, a beach-themed modern wedding invitation might feature a turquoise cover with a die-cut shaped like a shell in the center. Inside the shell die-cut might be sand-colored and have a tiny shell glued in the space.

Embellishments are also a fun modern wedding invitation trend for 2011 because you can incorporate objects that tie in with your wedding theme. For example, an Italian wedding set in a vineyard might feature wedding invitations with the top of a wine cork as an embellishment. Similarly, a garden-style wedding might feature a pressed flower in the die-cut space of the modern wedding invitation.

Traditional wedding invitations will remain timeless and a beautiful choice on the wedding invitation market, but modern wedding invitation styles with less stringent rules will continue to shine in 2011 and beyond.

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