Summer Wedding Invitations

Of all the months in the year, June is perhaps the one most associated with weddings. Of course, June kicks off a whole summer season that is ideal for throwing a wedding: great weather, vacation time, no school (in most places), and more create an almost irresistible climate for tying the knot. However, there are some things you should keep in mind about planning your summer wedding and putting together appropriate invitations to the event.
Summer Wedding photo by Shawna Herring
Summer Wedding Planning

Because summer is a popular season for weddings, you’re going to need to start booking your venues and your vendors as early as possible. Some popular locations are booked almost two years in advance for weddings during these peak months, so if you can’t start planning early, at least be flexible enough to honestly evaluate your options.

Summer weddings are perfect outdoor occasions, but you have to consider the weather. Heat and humidity will make your guests and your attendants suffer. If you want to get married outside, pick a time in the evening or at sunset when the temperatures are going to be cooler and the bright sun won’t be baring down on everyone. No matter when you have the outdoor ceremony, however, you’ll want to surround the area with plenty of citronella lanterns and candles to ward off insects, especially mosquitoes.

What you wear to a summer wedding is also important. Because of the heat, you will want something as cool as possible. If you’re comfortable wearing a sleeveless gown, that’s a good choice. You should also choose lighter fabrics, such as linen or organdy. The groom and his attendants should wear suits but they should be made of the lightest fabric.

As with spring, summer is a time for lots of flowers to be in bloom. You should make the most of these flowers, especially since they should be available for a lower price than in their off-season. Sunflowers, mums, calla lilies, roses, and orchids can be useful decorations, additions to bouquets, and even nice wedding favors.

For the reception, try to find entertainment that will bring everyone outdoors. For example, you could have a picnic with catered food (choose traditional picnic food, such as fried chicken, potato salad, etc.) and enjoy badminton, horse shoes, and other outdoor games. If you have your wedding near water – either on the beach, in a backyard, or near a public pool – let your guests go swimming. Even the couple can go swimming. The bride can wear a white bathing suit under her gown.

You could also have a backyard barbecue. Consider renting a jukebox for the entertainment or shooting off fireworks. If you don’t have a nice barbecue of your own, many catering companies can provide everything you need, but it will cost more.

There are a few other considerations you need to keep in mind if you’re planning a summer wedding. Wedding cakes need to be carefully refrigerated because the heat can quickly ruin them. Another issue is timing. With summer weddings, you should definitely send out Save the Date cards because so many families will be planning vacations during those months. You don’t want to lose guests just because of a scheduling conflict.

Invitations for Summer Weddings

You’ll probably need to order your save the date cards a little earlier than your invitations since you’ll want to send them out approximately four months before the wedding date. These cards will usually be similar in design to your actual invitations.

As far as your actual invitations go, you should choose something fun if you’re having an outdoor or casual wedding. Bold, bright colors are synonymous with summer and look amazing on invitations. Unless your wedding is very formal, you can be creative with the invitations. For example, you could send out invitations that are shaped like palm trees or a bright yellow sun to represent summer. Even if you can’t find these cards at your local printer’s shop, you could hire a graphic designer to do the work for you.

Photographs of beaches, sunsets, palm trees, and tropical locales also can be used with your invitations. They set the tone for the ceremony and remind recipients of what they’ll have to look forward to in just a few weeks: a return of warm weather.

If you are having a formal wedding during the summer, you may want to use a thinner paper, such as printable vellum for your invitations. Heavy card stock doesn’t convey the same airy coolness. Printed vellum can be transparent or decorative and the ink shows up just as beautifully as it would on the paper.

[image credit: Shawna Herring]

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Pool Party Invitations

Pool owners simply have no excuse not to give summer parties. After all, you have the perfect activity – literally in your own back yard. Even if you don’t have a pool of your own, many neighborhoods and apartment complexes with pools allow residents to rent the pool area for a private party.

A pool party can be a wonderful theme if you will have guests of all ages. After all, kids and adults alike enjoy a refreshing dip in the water when the weather warms. Pool parties are simple to plan so here are some ideas to make your pool party a big splash.

Pool Party Ideas

  • Make your guest list and choose your invitations. We have several invitations perfectly suited to your affair. My favorite is called “Splish Splash Birthday Bash” because it has a clean, trendy color scheme and gives plenty of room for party details.
  • Buy some toys for the pool. If your guest list is heavy on the children, noodles and inner tubes are inexpensive and will provide hours of fun for the little ones. For adults, large inner tubes and lounging floats will provide relaxation. Beach balls are a must, as there’s no doubt that a game of volleyball will ensue before the party is done. I also recommend having sunscreen and plastic bags (for taking home wet swimsuits) on hand for those who forget them.
  • Don’t forget the music. Keep the party going with festive music. Beach music, reggae, or Hawaiian music are all good choices for a pool party.
  • Keep the menu simple. There’s no reason to plan an elaborate, heavy meal. Heavy hors d’oeuvres with a summer theme are delicious and simple to eat by the pool. Spring rolls, specialty dips, crackers, and a cheese and fruit plate are all crowd pleasers.
  • Make the drinks tropical. No pool party is complete without drinks with those little umbrellas. However, an open bar offering lots of specialty drinks can get expensive. Offer one “signature” tropical drink, such as mai tais, mojitos, margaritas, pina coladas, or daiquiris. Then provide beer, wine, and soft drinks for those who don’t want the specialty drink.
  • Let your guests know what to wear. Guests are often unsure if they should arrive in a swimsuit and cover up or arrive dressed and plan to change should they decide to swim. Help them out by letting them know how much space you have for changing and how you’ll be dressed.
  • Plan some competition. To keep the party rolling, consider a few team games. Marco Polo is popular with the kids and water polo or volleyball pleases kids and adults. Relay races in the pool are fun if your pool is long enough to accommodate them.

Keep in mind that your pool is a great venue for many other parties. Consider hosting an evening engagement reception for newly engaged friends out by the pool. Place floating candles in the water and light tiki torches all around for romantic ambience. The space around your pool is the perfect place for a summer party, even if there’s no swimming.

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Sunflower Invitations for Your Garden Party

Sunflowers are adored all over the globe for their bright color and vivid symbolism. When sunflowers appear, it is clear that spring has arrived. Where did this glorious flower come from? How was the sunflower discovered? Discovering the answers to these questions will help you create the perfect sunflower inspired garden party.

From Far Away Lands

Sunflowers InvitationAncient Incan gods used to worship the sunflower whenever it would appear. The Incas believed that the sunflower was directly connected to the sun god, thus it deserved a vast amount of worship. When Francisco Pizarro stumbled upon this Incan ritual in Peru, he decided to bring some sunflower seeds with him to Europe.

Little did Pizarro know that sunflower seeds would become a popular salty snack…but that’s an entirely different story. Interestingly, sunflower oil became immensely popular during the 18th century (due to the fact that it was the one oil not prohibited during the religious Lent season), and sunflowers themselves started to sprout up amidst lavish gardens thereafter.

Today, the beloved sunflower is still high immensely popular. Out of all the flowers in the world, the sunflower seems to provoke thoughts of brisk spring days and sunshine. Now that you know a bit about the sunflower, you can start planning your garden party accordingly.

Peruvian Style

Here’s a clever thought – why not turn your backyard into a Peruvian oasis? Since the sunflower did come from Peru, adding some colors and touches from this area of the world would be quite fitting. Or, you can simply cover your garden in lots of lights, gauzy fabrics, and (of course) sunflowers.

Since the sunflower is loved by so many people, your guests will relish in the thought of being surrounded by these sun worshiping flowers. A garden party is a great way to welcome the spring, and it’s also a nice excuse to gather lots of loved ones together in an intimate setting.

All garden parties must begin with a carefully composed guest list. Think about your friends and family and who would enjoy meeting each other. The best parties are those that invite guests who have synergies and can become friends. Once that guest list has been shaped, you can send your invitations to set the tone for your exciting party.

Sensational Sunny Invites

Carry your sunflower theme into your invites by choosing stationery that showcases the sunflower. Watercolor sunflowers that decorate a rich orange and yellow background are perfect for your springtime gathering.

As the winter winds start to die down, spring begins to peek its fresh head from around those icy corners. Ushering in the spring with a sunflower inspired garden party is a great way to let go of those winter blues. As soon as your guests open up those sunflower invites, they will know that your event is going to be perfect.

Start sending out your garden party invites as soon as you see those sunflowers start to form. A perfectly crafted garden party is the best way to worship those sunflowers – just like the Incas used to do.

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Planning Your Hawaiian Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are definitely hot right now. The idea of rushing off to an exotic location to exchange vows while some of your closest friends and family members watch is a dream for many couples. One of the top spots for those locations is Hawaii, so let’s look at some tips to help you plan a fabulous destination wedding to Hawaii.

Planning a Hawaiian Wedding

Destination WeddingIf you’re planning a Hawaiian destination wedding, then your first step is to find a wedding planner who can help you. To find one, you can use the Internet or referrals from other couples who’ve had weddings in Hawaii, or even other wedding planners. You’ll need to choose a planner you trust since they’ll be making plenty of decisions on your behalf.

Another good idea is to make early plans for where you plan to stay during your Hawaiian visit. Remember Hawaii is a very busy tourist area so booking rooms early is a necessity. You may also want to ask a travel agent to help you make the reservations and to get you a good deal on the rooms for your guests. You could also rent a big vacation home in Hawaii (again, you’ll have to book early) so all of your guests could stay there together. The ceremony could even be held at the house with the owner’s approval.

You’ll also need to decide early on where you want to have your wedding held on the islands. Not only are there several popular islands to choose from, but you can pick to be married on a beach, by the side of a volcano, or even in a resort.

For your reception, you might want to consider having a traditional Hawaiian luau. The dancing, food, and fun associated with these events is an ideal way to celebrate your marriage with your guests.

Hawaiian Wedding Invitations

Of course, if you’re having a destination wedding in Hawaii your invitations should reflect this, too. The Hawaii Toucan Invitations, or the Hawaiian Luau Invitations would all be good choices. You may also want to use the same style for your save the date cards.

And that brings us to an important point: you definitely need save the date cards for your Hawaiian wedding. Guests need plenty of time to make preparations and to save the money for the trip. Plus, when you send the save the date cards make sure to clearly explain what costs will be covered for guests and which ones they will be responsible for. It’s a good idea to get those save the date cards in the mail about six months before the event at least.

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Happy Feet Invitations and Polar Expedition Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Want a “cool” way to beat the winter blues? Tired of missing out on all the fun because your child was born in the wrong season? Take off your earmuffs and listen to the good news! You too can host a rocking birthday party for your child, regardless of what time of year it may be. In fact, throwing a Happy Feet inspired polar expedition party would be a great theme for winter weather. Where else would you expect to see polar bears and penguins duel it out for the position of King of the Winter Wonderland? It is hard to keep snow from melting in 100 degree weather, so consider your child lucky for being born at the most wonderful time of year!

Happy Feet PartyCool Invitations Delivered To Igloos around the City

For a winter birthday party, select an invitation that is sleek and confident. Red bordered invitations featuring tuxedo clad penguins will get a lot of laughs from your guests. Or, you can excite your guests with a penguin-butler invitation, which will “serve” up smiles and enthusiasm for your child’s birthday party.

Pre-Migratory Preparations

Before you decide to migrate or go into hibernation, take the time to plan your black tie event entirely. One false move could cause you duress. If you are planning a continental excursion, ask other adults to pitch in. You can assign various tasks to your friends. Make one in charge of decorating. Recruit another to pass out refreshments.

Keep decorations simple and winter like. Paper snowflakes can be hung from the ceiling with Christmas ornament hooks and fishing line. Glitter crusted plastic icicles can be hung in doorways. Silver and gold can be used to accent different areas in your home.

Rent or buy a copy of the movie, Happy Feet or the Polar Express. Put the childhood favorite in the DVD player and have it playing in the background while the children wait to be served refreshments.

Exploring Antarctica

Host a scavenger hunt by using a stack of old magazines. Give children a list of items to find and then turn them loose. The boy or girl who finds all the things listed in the pages of the magazines wins a stuffed polar bear or penguin.

Chilly Refreshments

It doesn’t make sense to serve cold refreshments with snow on the ground. Use this time to bake up something hot and fresh to give your partygoers.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows or warm apple cider can be served in snowman covered coffee mugs. The mugs can be rinsed out and taken home as party favors.

Purchase an igloo shaped cake pan. Bake whatever flavor of cake your child enjoys most. Dust it in white powdered sugar to give it the appearance of being covered in snow. Make pine trees from frosting along the sides of the cake and press tiny Red Hots into them to resemble festive holiday ornaments.

From penguin inspired birthday invitations to igloo cakes, your feet will be dancing when you carry out a successful expedition like this one.

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Tips for Using Black Envelopes for Your Business Announcements

The design of your business announcements is highly important, determining whether you will capture a customer’s attention – or simply lose their notice altogether. However, in addition to an eye-catching business announcement design, you should also remember what potential customers will see first: the envelope.

Reasons for Sending Business Announcements

business correspondence envelopesBusiness announcements are an easy way to advertise your business, and it’s almost as easy to find a reason to send them. If you are trying to entice existing and potential customers, you could announce a grand reopening, a special sale, or a friends and family exclusive sale for a retail business. If you sell services, you could host an open house or a customer appreciation party.

Adding a desirable person to your staff is also a great reason for sending a business announcement. If you are launching a new product or expanding to include new services, then announce it! All of these reasons can be announced and function as a reason to offer clients incentives for visiting your business, whether you offer a special discount or a free trial when clients bring in their announcement.

How Black Envelopes Can Enhance Your Business Announcements

If you are choosing your business announcement formats and are thinking about postcards because they are easy to mass-produce and cheaper to mail, think again. People get business announcement postcards daily, and most end up in the garbage. If you want yours to get noticed in the crowd, consider using black envelopes. Not only will they stand out in a sea of white, but will grab recipient’s attention long enough to warrant a look. As long as your business announcement is equally professional and eye-catching, you will probably secure a visit from that person.

Business Tips and Ideas for Using Black Envelopes

Black envelopes make a strong statement and can be viewed as traditional or modern, depending on the recipient’s interpretation. Black envelopes aren’t just for law firms and financial sectors, however, but can be used with any business – even a more feminine business such as a clothing boutique or a florist!

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui represents the positive and harmonious energy produced by wind and water. It is a practice that establishes harmony, comfort, and balance in your home or place of business and in your life. Likewise, yang is the active energy that complements the yin, or more passive energy. For example, if you own a spa, which is a peaceful, serene setting where people come to relax and improve their health, you might balance this peacefulness by using dramatic black envelopes. This will not only catch your customer’s attention, but encourage her to drop by for an appointment.

Similarly, if you’re a florist and want to incorporate Feng Shui into your business announcements and invite clients to a spring open house, black envelopes will help you achieve this goal. By balancing the black envelope with a simple white announcement featuring a single pink blossom, you will peak your clients’ interest and more people will attend your open house.

Consider adding drama with black envelopes balanced by a simple business announcement, and you’ll be on your way to increased business and achieving Feng Shui.

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Barbeque Theme Invitations

Most of us host at least one barbecue a year. It’s easy to get tired of the same old hot dogs and hamburgers routine, so why not try mixing it up this year? Sure hot dogs and hamburgers are crowd pleasers, but there are so many other menus that can really put some spice into your barbecue. Here are some sample menus and themes to change your barbecue. I’ve included the name of an appropriate invitation from for each theme I’ve listed.

Barbeque Theme InvitationsThe Lobster Boil

Hold a cookout, New England style. Cook corn on the cob, lobster, and potatoes together in a huge pot over an open flame in your back yard. You can throw in any other items you desire, like shrimp, onions and crayfish, too. Sit on picnic tables and use lobster bibs. Unlike most cookouts, held when the weather is very warm, this barbeque is best when the evenings are a little chilly. My favorite invitations for this event are “Outdoor Boil” and “Crab Boil”.

The Elegant Barbeque

Start with a sophisticated appetizer, like oysters on the half shell. Visit a real butcher and buy some hand cut steaks. Serve by candlelight, with baked potatoes and a green salad. Pick a good red wine and serve something decadent and chocolate for dessert. My favorite invitation from our website for this event is the “Formal Blue Border White”.

The Tropical Barbeque

Grill chicken marinated in Caribbean spices, and serve with grilled vegetables, fruit salad and tropical drinks. Play reggae music and set up a small dance floor where guests can dance the night away under the stars – don’t forget to take a break from dancing long enough for a limbo contest. My favorite invitation for this barbeque is called “Tropical View”.

The Western Barbeque

Host your own hoedown, country style. Serve ribs, baked beans and beer. Offer line dancing and horseshoe throwing. Check out the Western invitations from our website for this Texas style barbecue.

The Retro Barbeque

Think 1950’s and serve chocolate malts and patty melts for a nice twist on the traditional burger cookout. Dance the night away to Fats Domino and have a prize for the person who’s still got it with the hula hoop and the person who can still do the “twist”. The gold and black retro invitations from our website are great for this party.

The Cajun Barbecue

Think zydeco, here. Pair New Orleans jazz with spicy grilled shrimp, crawfish, and a pot of gumbo on the side. Serve Hurricanes and end the evening with beignets and chicory coffee for dessert. The “New Orleans Date” invitations or the “Crayfish” invitations from our website would look great for this party.

So, as you can see, there are as many ways to throw a barbecue as there are hosts and hostesses. Whatever your interest or passion, you can work it into a barbecue theme. And, whatever barbecue style you choose, we will be there to supply your invitations.

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Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Invite Special Guests to a Bar Mitzvah!

A Bar Mitzvah is held as a Jewish tradition, celebrating the boy’s 13th birthday. In Jewish tradition, a male turning 13 is equated with “coming of age” and becoming personally morally responsible to God, rather than just to his parents. The first portion of the Bar Mitzvah is the service in the synagogue, followed by a lavish reception.

Bar MitzvahInvitations

The Bar Mitzvah is often likened to a lavish affair such as a wedding reception. Common attitude is that the boy will only turn 13 once, and it should be a celebration worthy of the occasion. Therefore, the invitations that are sent should be equally as formal and lavish. The engraved invitation will be the invited guest’s first notification of the coming sacred event. Be sure to include the location of the Bar Mitzvah, as well as the date and time. It is noteworthy to state that the Jewish tradition of celebrating boys coming of age at 13 and girls at 12 is changing. More frequently, both are celebrated at the age of 13.

Who to Invite

Anyone who has played a role in the life of the honoree (boy turning 13) should be included on the guest list. Religious leaders, teachers, family members, neighbors and friends will all want to take part in this special event. Similar to a wedding, the Bar Mitzvah is a time that people who have been a positive influence in the life of the child gather to celebrate the “coming of age”. At some Bar Mitzvah’s, time is provided to the invited guests to speak a few words about the honoree’s past years and to speak encouragement and words of wisdom regarding the coming years.


Given that the event is celebrating the coming of age, and bearing in mind Jewish customs and traditions, there are several appropriate gifts for a Bar Mitzvah. Books that are of a religious nature, such as biographies or instructional books are a traditional gift. Writing implements are also traditional gifts. Looking ahead to the future, high value is placed on education in Jewish culture. Therefore, it is appropriate to give gifts of educational books and magazines or savings bonds to use toward college. Monetary gifts are traditionally made in multiples of 18, in accordance with Jewish Customs.


Invited guests will arrive in the finest of apparel, as they would at a wedding reception. The décor should match the elegance of the guests. The use of china, crystal and stemware are all appropriate for this celebration. Fine linens should be used to cover the tables. Fountains of punch and chocolate become focal points in the room, as do the cake. Music and dancing are all a part of the reception portion of the celebration.

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Superstitions and Your Wedding Date

We’ve all heard a superstition at one time or another – whether it’s a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck or a broken mirror curses you for the next seven years. Couples who want everything to go smoothly on their wedding day may be even more inclined to listen to these superstitions, particularly when it comes to picking the right date for the ceremony.

Let’s look at some of the dates you should avoid, at least according to superstitions.

Lucky HorseshoeAt the top of the list is going to be Friday the 13th. Even if Fridays were a good day of the week for a wedding, most couples would rather not get married on the thirteenth. That day has long been associated with bad luck. In fact, most hotels skip the 13th floor and airplanes seldom have a 13th aisle – this doesn’t necessarily prove anything except that the people responsible know their customers are superstitious.

The connection between bad luck and Friday the 13th supposedly originated in Biblical times. Jesus invited 12 apostles to the Last Supper, but Judas showed up uninvited which made him the thirteenth. Because the actual crucifixion happened on a Friday, the number and the weekday were combined as a sign of something very unlucky.

Of course, there are other days which are viewed as unlucky in other cultures. In Japan, for example, April 4th is considered particularly unlucky because the Japanese word for “four” resembles the word for death. Since the fourth by itself is already unlucky, when it appears in the fourth month, the potential for disaster is said to increase.

While the rest of April may be fine for weddings, not all months are considered a good choice in Western cultures for weddings for the superstitious. In fact, May is thought to be the most unlucky. The reason goes back about 2,000 years to the ancient Romans who viewed the month of May as a time for mourning the dead and making offerings to them. Since the month was associated with death, it was not viewed as a good time for weddings.

In fact, May may not be the only bad choice. An old superstitious rhyme cites January, October, March, and – not surprisingly – April are listed as unlucky months for weddings.

Even if you don’t buy the idea of an entire month being superstitious, what about certain periods of time? Originally, Catholic Churches prohibited couples from getting married during Lent, which lasts from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, or during Advent – basically the four week period before Christmas Eve. For this reason, married couples still associate Lent and Advent as bad times to get married. You’re probably better off avoiding Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and Good Friday, too since all of these religious holidays are thought to be unlucky for weddings.

If you’re superstitious, you now know which months and time periods to avoid, but what about days of the week? Even choosing whether to get married on a Saturday or a Tuesday can be governed by superstition.

You can find plenty of old rhymes which will “warn” you about the dangers of certain days. Although two days of the week consistently seem to come up as unlucky – Thursdays and Saturdays. While Thursday may not be a big loss in terms of wedding date options, Saturdays are the most common day of the week for weddings. The old belief was that when two people were married on a Saturday one of them would die young – not the best thought to have in mind while you’re saying “I do.”

Fridays, in general, are supposed to be unlucky for many types of ceremonies and celebrations; however, they are said to be fine for marriage because of the protection from Freya, a Norse goddess.

When it comes to selecting the best date for the wedding, you already know to avoid the 13th and possibly the 4th, but you should also not get married on the same date as either of your birthdays. That means if one of you was born on May 11th and the other was born on June 30th, you’d want to avoid the 11th and the 30th of any month. Otherwise, your wedding might end in misfortune.

Of course, even if you take the time to pick just the right date so you don’t break any of these superstitions, you might not escape the curse of bad luck, especially if you’re getting married in the rainy season. Rain and storms near to the time of the wedding has long been a sign of bad luck for the couple. On the other hand, seeing a rainbow or having sunshine on the day of your wedding is a good omen.

You might surmise from all of these superstitions that June is still the best time to get married. Because it takes place at the start of the summer, you stand a good chance of having sunshine. Plus, June is the sacred month of the Roman goddess Juno who watched over weddings. Ironically, her mythical marriage to Jupiter was a bit rocky, but when you’re choosing a wedding date you can’t have everything.

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Note Cards That Really Talk

Note cards are a necessary element of any stationery package, as they can be used for a variety of occasions. Choosing note cards that evoke emotion through the use images will be especially meaningful to recipients.

Note Card Imagery

Mums Yellow Note CardsNote cards can be used to compose a “just because” message to someone special in your life, sent for casual correspondence, or used to communicate with a business client or associate in a personal way.

When choosing your note cards, consider the image present on the cover of the note card. Why are you drawn to it and what does it mean to you? Consider the hidden meaning behind the image to determine if it’s the right note card for your purposes. Images can be powerful and evoke thoughts and emotions in others. Choose the image wisely and you’re likely to brighten the recipient’s day.

Inspiring Business Note Card Images

If you are sending a note of encouragement to an employee or a client, you might consider an inspirational note card featuring a lighthouse. A light house projects great symbolism of strength, as well as guidance that keeps boats in safe waters. If you own a consulting company, this imagery is particularly useful, as a lighthouse is just like your firm – guiding clients in the right direction.

Business note cards that feature sailboats cruising along the water also present an excellent image, one of smooth “sailing.” These smooth waters could translate into smooth and profitable business endeavors.

You might also choose cards featuring an anchor centered at the top to show that your business is anchored and will remain steadfast and firm even through the choppiest of waters, bringing recipients comfort.

You could also choose business note cards featuring a buzzing bee hive. This shows that although everyone is busy working hard, the end result is the sweet honey of success.

Inspiring Personal Note Card Images

Sending a personal note to a friend gives you more freedom to let go and get creative. You could easily include a short poem or verse that is related with your image, especially if you are trying to show support. For example, you might choose note cards featuring a colorful peacock feather. In your poem, you could mention that peacock feathers are thought to bring good luck and well-being.

If your friend is experiencing a difficult time, you might choose note cards that feature an image of a lion. Lions denote strength and will let your friend know you are guarding her welfare. The image will keep her strong and remind her she isn’t alone in her struggle. Or, you could choose a note card that features an Adirondack chair set amidst a peaceful body of water, which symbolizes that peace and relaxation are coming soon.

If you are a Christian and want to send a note of hope, you might choose note cards with a colorful butterfly border, or featuring three butterflies flitting across the page. You could then include the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 15:42-44. For a secular approach, remind your friend that butterflies symbolize transformation, as they change from one form to another. Butterflies are beautiful, yet they began their lives as ugly caterpillars. Tell your friend it’s time for her to emerge from her cocoon glorious and new, as only a note card with special imagery from a special friend could do.

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